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We usually draw them as straight lines with arrows on either end to indicate that it goes on forever in both directions.Start studying Probability: Basic Probability Rules and Terms.Parallelogram A four-sided, closed shape with straight lines and two pairs of opposite sides that are parallel.It works great when we talk about distance, but not so great when we talk about temperature.A pair of angles that are in the same place relative to the transversal and their respective parallel line.

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Equiangular a figure where all angles are equal in measure Equilateral Triangle a triangle with three congruent sides A triangle that has three congruent sides.

Linear in a straight line An equation or graph whose rate of change is constant over time.Greatest Common Factor (GCF) The largest positive integer that divides evenly into two or more non-zero numbers.If either event A or event B occurs on a single performance of an experiment this is called the union of the events A and B denoted as.

How much variation there is in our data, or the area between the highest and lowest values.Frequency—normal frequency, not angular frequency—is the inverse of the period of the wave:.

A 3D solid with a single polygonal base and several triangular faces that meet at a single vertex.

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If this is present, then there is an apparent trend in bivariate data.Secant a line intersecting a circle at two points A line that intersects a circle at two points.A figure with a polygon base and triangular sides that meet at an apex.A value that never changes like pi or how much we love pizza. Mmm, pizza.They go together like crunchy peanut butter and smooth peanut butter.

Preprint: Washington University, (1996). — HTML index with links to PostScript files and PDF (first three chapters).Any terms that have the exact same variable, raised to the exact same power.A mathematical statement that says two expressions or values are equal to one another.The scientific study of probability is a modern development of mathematics.Correlation how two variables relate to each other The measure of the linear relationship between two variables.An equals sign with equivalent expressions on either side of it.A single ratio comparing a part to a whole or two equivalent ratios.

A ball-shaped figure in which every surface point is equidistant from a center.Augustus De Morgan and George Boole improved the exposition of the theory.Species periodically expand their ranges, just naturally or because of changes in habitat and climate.It has length and width, but no depth, like a sheet of paper that stretches out forever in all directions.

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A 3D solid with a circular base and a curved surface that meets at a point.Its two pairs of base angles are also congruent, much like those of an isosceles triangle.

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For example, when drawing a single card at random from a regular deck of cards, the chance of getting a heart or a face card (J,Q,K) (or one that is both) is.Even though we represent it using a dot, it technically has no dimensions and no size.

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Probability. financial definition of Probability.

Did you know that tree roots are the main cause of water pipe damage.Figures that share the same angle measures, and their sides lengths are all proportional.If the other two lines are parallel (and they usually are), then all these angles are special in so A line that intersects two other lines, forming a total of eight angles.Isosceles Trapezoid a trapezoid with only one set of congruent sides and two sets of congruent angles and has all the characteristics of a trapezoid (see trapezoid) A trapezoid whose two non-parallel sides (legs) are congruent.In division, a number that divides another number called the dividend. a number that another number will divide.

A relationship where a number either increases at the same rate that another increases or decreases at the same rate as another decreases.The set of all points in a plane that are exactly r units away from point O, where r is the radius and O is the center.Two expressions that have the same value, separated by an equal sign.For the mathematical field of probability specifically rather than a general discussion, see Probability theory.

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Just like a birthday hat (and sorry again about forgetting your birthday).The length from the center of a circle to any point on its edge.

Another significant application of probability theory in everyday life is reliability.If a set of numbers (two or more) has a product equal to n, we say they are all factors of n.Compound Events in probability, when there is more than one outcome, which may (taking a second card after a first has been chosen) or may not (throwing two dice at the same time) affect the outcome of the other These are when more than one event occurs.This Probability Worksheet is a great handout for reinforcing the definitions of Probability.Understanding: Probability and Odds video. this volume in the Math Matters series is ideal.An expression that states the equivalence of two algebraic expressions.A linear plot is one that goes from one event to the next in the order they happen—no flashbacks or flashforwards, and probably not a lot of subplots.

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