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Numerous studies have been conducted to help foresters and natural resource managers understand the impact of flooding on trees (see.Before publishing your articles on this site, please read the following pages: 1.

Continuous rain causes the numerous streams and rivers of the vast plains of the north to overflow, resulting in the flooding of the low lying areas of the Gangetic and Brahmaputra plains.Unfortunately, these measures often come too late or, are too inadequate to meet the hardships caused by floods.In Punjab floods are an annual feature though intense floods are experienced at an interval of 4-5 years.

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Earthquakes, which occur at frequent intervals, cause change in the level of river course and the flow of water in the river is obstructed.The north and north-eastern part of India lie in the heart of Monsoon belt and as a result experiences heavy annual rainfall.The urban areas of Assam, namely Dhubri, Guwahati, Dibrugarh, Tezpur etc. ate frequently flooded.Relief measures are of two types: (i) Short-term measures and (ii) Long-term measures.In Andhra Pradesh, the flood problem is confined to spilling by smaller rivers and the submergence of marginal seas along the Kolleru Lake.

In West Bengal the southern and central parts are flooded by the Mahananda, the Bhagirathi, the Ajoy, the Damodar etc. due to an inadequate capacity of river channels and tidal effect.If people drink the dirty water, they may suffer from diseases such as.Lower courses of the Narmada and the Tapi in Gujarat are also prone to floods.If you are one amongst many, for whom essay writing assignments are no less than plain nightmares, then you do.

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A glance at Figure 8.13 will show how the flood prone areas are distributed.This is due to the fact that there is no guarantee that floods in any year will affect only those areas which were affected during the maximum flood year.You are common in the flood is only in 2010 the causes of natural disasters on floods in pakistan essay flooded.The Assam Valley is considered to be one of the worst flood-affected areas of India.The saucer shaped topography of the state does not permit free flow of surface runoff and even a moderate rainfall can cause floods.The geographical distribution of flood prone areas in India is as under: The Ganga River Region: In Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, the mighty Ganga receives a large number of tributaries such as the Gomati, the Ghaghra, the Gandak and the Kosi from the left as well as the Yamuna and the Son from the right.Similarly the Chenab and its tributaries like Tawi are often in spate endangering several densely populated areas in Jammu and Akhnoor.There is also the problem of erosion of banks of some of the rivers and on left and right banks of the Ganga upstream and downstream respectively of the Farakka Barrage.

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The commission took the maximum area affected by floods in a state in any one year, as its flood prone area and added up the flood prone areas of all the states to get the flood prone area of the country.There are occasional floods caused by the Damodar river even after the construction of four dams and a barrage under the Damodar Valley Project.The annual monsoon season has arrived.This causes heavy downpours in many areas.Last Friday night,there was a heavy downpour in Kampung Jeram.It rained continuously.

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The major problem is that of inadequate surface drainage which causes inundation and water-logging over vast areas.

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Flood is one such calamity which not only brings untold miseries to people but because of its recurring nature it leaves our country in ruins every year.Some of the major canals (the Bhakra System) do not follow the natural flow and create obstacles.

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As soon as flood occurs, the government immediately takes certain relief measures.ADVERTISEMENTS: The Brahmaputra River Region: In the Brahmaputra basin, floods are almost an annual feature.

This shows that there has been a rapid increase in the flood-prone area of the country.

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The Rashtriya Barh Ayog (RBA) or National Commission on Floods set up by the Government of India in 1976, provided statistical.

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