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This does not happen in the GVS group who firmly believes in communication, transparency and trust inside the corporate strategy.According to Douglas McGregor, views of human beings can be differentiated into two parts.Such factors includes relationship with supervisor, company policy, supervision, relationship with employees, relationship with peers, working conditions, salary, personal life, status and security.

Under deductive approach, theoretical facts and concepts are used in order to make rational inferences which are further verified with the data so acquired.GVS exploits this idea to make sure that the clarity of the business remains within the company in its evolution.Now only semi skilled workers were required by the companies who can perform actions in sync with the machines and can handle its operations.Business and Management thesis and dissertation collection. This thesis explores human resource management. capital resource(s).First are the motivator factors which leads to motivation but lack of these factors does not result in dissatisfaction.Dissertations are considered a necessary component of all Undergraduate, Graduate, Masters and PhD degrees in the modern world.Gong, Y. et al. (2009). Human resources management and firm performance: The differential role of managerial affective and continuance commitment.

Therefore, this work has both professional and academic significance.Several people have worked for the improvement of the working condition at the workplace, but Robert Owen, Hugo Munsterberg, Chester Barnard and Elton Mayo are considered to be pioneers of HRM.In response to the question regarding motivation system, all the top employees responded that the company follows consistent motivations system across the globe.The company offers tremendous career and growth opportunities to all the employees to retain and motivate them.Accurate investigation and analysis of relevant facts and issues are of paramount importance for quality research.

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He concluded that most important resource for any organization is its human resource and to enhance productivity manager must be capable of establishing better communication between the workers and stimulate them.

V. H. Vroom proposed the expectancy theory of motivation and developed a formula to measure the motivation.

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From the work it has been found that Multiculturalism and Consistency of leadership and management are among many factors to be kept under control in the management of human resources inside of an international group such as GVS.Get a plagiarism check of an answer before you buy it. See. submit your topic choice along with your thesis and map as a.Two of the most important concept associated with the perceptions of pay fairness is equity and justice.The next stage during the dissertation writing process is to complete a dissertation proposal in HR which is also submitted to the supervisor and is eventually approved.Similarly, collecting secondary data proves to be very tiring and complex process.

Several methods, tools and techniques are employed by researcher in order to carry out research in systematic manner and to reach at valid and accurate conclusions (Bryman and Bell, 2007).Under this stage, information accumulated from both primary and secondary sources are examined and analyzed with a view to derive accurate and valid inferences.All the information are floated in the entire organization on monthly basis and thus employee working in the company not only works to fulfil his or needs but also for attaining the goals of the firm ( GVS, 2014).

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However, as the level of involvement increases among the workers, their motivational attitude turned negative (Bowen and Ostroff, 2004).

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Newman, I. and Benz, C. R. (1998). Qualitative-Quantitative Research Methodology: Exploring the Interactive Continuum. SIU Press.Second important activity for a HRM is conducting training and development activities for the human resource.The New Human Resources Management. as doctoral thesis in April 2002,.Guest, D. et al. (2003). Human resource management and corporate performance in the UK.On contrary, positivism philosopher assumes that everything in this world can be generalized into laws, concepts and theories.This is the best mode to keep the worker motivated and injects healthy competition.The company gives much importance to young candidates because of energy, skills and enthusiasm they bring in the company with them ( GVS, 2014).

This can be achieved by introducing proper reward and incentive system.

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On contrary, under inductive research approach, new theories and model are developed.Keeping this transparency every group and every single person knows why the company has been good or bad and knows what their participation in the result was.This shows that a consistent approach is better for achieving fair system and it in turn will enhance satisfaction and motivational levels of the employees.On the basis of responses of all the employees, management decides whether the employees are motivated by the existing system or not or whether any changes are required in the present HR policies in order to enhance the satisfaction level and motivational level of all the employees.He first ever trade union was founded in 1866 with an aim to set an eight hour working day and abolish child labor.It is essential for the management to put the knowledge, skills and willingness of the employees effectively to the workload.Passive people do not like to work and run away from the responsibilities.

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