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Until certain practices are abandoned, I will continue to support other establishments.I check the sack before I leave, and every thing appears to be correct.

New Burger King 'Angriest Burger' Puts The Flame in 'Flame

I took picture of it and while employee hand still holding the glass.My family and I were eating in the dining area watching the whole thing and your employee was very rude and disturbing to the rest of the guests.

Many surveys have not been taken because of this unintentional or intentional oversight.Compare Burger King customer support channels for speed, quality, communication skills, and customer approval.Thursday went and told the manager and he told his staff to make me a large tender-crisp sandwich which the clerk handed me and turned away and I thanked her and me mumbled something.I was really excited to purchase the Halloween burger that I had been seeing on the commercials and advertisements.Serving more than 11 million customers on a daily basis mean Burger King must perform at a high level in each of the restaurants.Burger King customer service phone number along with tips, reviews, hours and other useful links.Schwartz declined to say whether an uptick in customer traffic played a.My sister and I were ordering almost 20.00 in food to dine in-I was declined a cup of water without paying.27 cents. Do the math: 2 freq customers live near your store.

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A week later I returned for lunch again and during that experience watched her go out of the building, on a very hot day, and pick up trash located in the parking lot.I feel that this commercial sends a very negative message to our younger generation.I ordered it plain got about 20 minutes away opened it and it has everything on it.I attempted to tell the manager about my negative experience and she completely ignored me.Daniel is not the only employee at this location with a general rude disposition and general lack of concern for the customer service experience.There is an address, a tel. no., however, the mybkexperience form WILL NOT LET customer into the rest of the survey if we can not fill in the BK restaurant number.

Twice in the past month I have waited at least 30 minutes only to find, after getting out of the drive thru, that my order was incorrect.The man working looked at us 2x and did not say a word then proceeded to refill the ores on the ice cream machine still without a word.When I called back to complain the manager again told me how I was wrong and they gave me free fries and refused to give me the comment or complaint number instead she gave me her district managers number who did not answer.I stopped at a Burger King and I had planned to go to the drive-thru however there were about 10 cars in line and I was in a hurry as I had to get to an important meeting.

Everything Legal Ltd is a company incorporated in England and Wales, company number 06205456.It is the best way to share with Burger King about your recent experience in its takeaway or dine-in restaurants.

Burger King picking up tab for Burger-King wedding - News

This would have been a golden opportunity for Burger King to pick up new customers but the drive through service takes at least 30 minutes for breakfast when people are trying to get to work.

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I repeated 15 sugars please, He said N, because the can only give me a limited amount.

Including but not limited to areas of personal performance and marketing with the tact and motivation on par with any executive existing.This needs to be sorted and i will not be entering a Burger King for awhile if theses ridiculous portion sizes continue.

I knocked on the drive through window and was told that because I am not currently a car owner, I do not have the right to purchase any burger king product.Review overview Time to complete - 7 Ease of use - 10 Prize - 6 Summary The My Burger King Survey is easy to complete and gives you the opportunity to provide feedback which I always think is important in a survey, in case you have had a really positive or negative experience.Pay for this job does not...I was so frustrated with this i called your corp number and left a general message. Not right.My husband and I and a friend were in the Burger King in Cleveland, TN earlier this week (Wednesday I think).

I went up to the counter ordered and paid for my items and while they.Heard they might move corporate offices to Canada to reduce tax liability.

She displayed no empathy, did not apologize for my inconvenience and did not attempt to resolve the issue.God loves all people but the Bible is very explicit about his feelings toward homosexual activity.Terrible slow service, always missing parts of the order, sandwiches sloppily made (meat falling off bun), cold food.You have a wonderful employee there and I hope you hold on to her.

I recently visited the Burger King 15733 on 5651 FM 646 in Dickinson Texas and the people or condescending rude and gave me the wrong order.The other customer got his food and left, then I proceeded to leave and they stopped me.This morning at 9:33 am before heading for work stopped by BK drive thru at, 4199 Union Rd, Buffalo, NY 14225.Announce Expiration of Election Deadline. 10 Dec, 2014, 07:30 ET.I was given a to go bag even though I had planned to eat there.I would not serve any of my customers like that of giving them food like that I want my money back for this food and for thie bad service I got along with the nasty taste for and my drinking too.

I called attention to this, to the girl actually working the window.Every Saturday when I pull up to the speaker the first thing I hear is Ill be with you in a second (every time) this second turns into a couple of minutes.I asked the fat Hispanic lady who could barely speak English for the 2 for 5 deal, and she would not honor it.Give your honest feedback in the BK Experience Survey and claim a free drink or fries on your next visit to Burger King.In my experience, people who use the word incompetent are usually lifeless, powerless people.This individual is a fantastic example of what a dedicated employee could be.We then get replacement food served by another kind customer and not a word of apology.This location has been sorry for a long time and is a joke to locals.

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