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A theory is a description for the existence of something within a society.The high level of associated risk factors of substance abuse for example identifies care needs.Among the sociological reasons is the stress, poverty, domestic and societal violence, various diseases.They fail to understand that drug abuse is a more complicated problem that requires more.You may decide to climb Everest for fun, so does that mean you have to do it every weekend.

The world, today, has become surrounded by drug abuse as well as drug addiction.

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In this paper, I seek to discuss management of risk factors and protective measures as the most interesting aspect of adolescent drug abuse.

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Drug Abuse and Psychological Problems Drug abuse is growing day by day all over the world because of various reasons.This discussion explores the societal, medical, and psychological theories of drug.If you want to know how drug abuse affects the society in the whole, be sure to read a custom written essay sample on this topic below.

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Most individuals in society have not understood why people are addicted to drugs or how drugs affect the brain to promote habitual drug abuse.An estimated 14 million people in the US abuse alcohol, drugs and other illicit substances (Austin, 2005).

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Galigher, Paul that drug use is also prevalent in adults and problem.

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Although the problem has been in existence for along time, the rate at which it is increasing is causing alarm to the American society.Drug Abuse Drug Abuse Drug Abuse is generally defined as the use of a drug with such frequency that the user has physical or mental harm or it impairs social abilities.Drug Abuse Introduction The scientific study of social organizations and interactions is called sociology.WebMD explains how drug use can lead to addiction, and why drug addiction is considered a disease.

Essay DRUG ABUSE In the United States of America, we, the people value several things, some of which are freedom, expanding and taking care of our families and.Oftentimes, this abuse leads to addiction to the medications.

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Juvenile substance abuse is a rampant social problem in America in the current times.It is important to admit that drug abuse is hard and significant problem in our society.

Studies conducted have revealed that physical risks emanating from alcohol consumption include automobile injuries and more than 60 diseases among them being liver cirrhosis (Freeman, par 7).

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The problem appears to have grown, at least in part, because of prescribing practices, easy access via the Internet, and drug formulation changes (Fishman, et al, 2000 and Simoni-Wastila, Tompkins, 2001).Some theorists feel that drug abuse is caused by sociological factors while others blame medical and psychological causes.Adolescent drug abuse is a major social issue with a number of adverse consequences, not only to the teenagers but also to the entire society.For more information about the costs of drug abuse to the United States, visit.Why a person would intentionally engage in such self-destructive behaviors as drug abuse is a question that cannot be answered in black and white absolutes, as the causes of substance abuse are riddled with varying factors.There are certain symptoms of drug abuse: when drug is getting people.

Substance use generally starts during adolescence, and a number of risk factors have been noted, including peer pressure, popularity, and depression.The major causes of drug abuse have not been well explained (Thio, 2010).

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Not only are teenagers abusing illegal drugs, but they are also misusing prescription drugs that have been given to them or to friends or family members by a medical professional.

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According to Mooney, (89), drug use is considered a threat when the user develop strange attitudes in the society.If it were not for those drugs then we would not have those songs.Theories of drug use try to explain the beginning of drug use and the entire process of drug abuse.When you get an assignment to prepare a drug abuse essay, you aim to process it well in order to receive excellent grades.For example, the sudden change of individuals behavioral trends.However, the major causes of drug abuse emanate from the immediate environment and genetic influences.

While many different groups have claimed to attempt to solve the problem and claim to be adversely affected by the problem, the results are less than satisfactory which pose a threat to the proper functioning of society.Drug and substance abuse has become a menace for the modern generation owing to the larger number of youths currently finding addiction because of the prolonged use of these substances.Drug abuse among teenagers: causes and effects Drug abuse among teenagers is among the most complicated issues of the present age.What are the physical and psychological risks of using this drug.Even the people who are convicted of assault and robbery are there because it somehow leads back to drugs.

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Drug means a habit-forming substance which is taken pleasure.The social definition of a drug is: a drug is a social fabrication or a cultural artifact.A severe problem in the United States over the past decade has been the abuse of opioid analgesics.They are usually harmful to our heart, brain, central nervous system, the body as a whole and other vital organs.

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